Yotuel All In One Whitening Toothpaste 75ml

Cosmetic toothpaste (75ml).


H first cosmetic whitening toothpaste that whitens teeth with minimal friction and cares for enamel, with a triple action:

  1. Whiten teeth with the top bleaching agent Carbamide Peroxide (0,3%). Cleans external and internal deep pigmentation (stains) of the teeth and improves the hue of enamel. It provides effective bleaching with very low friction.
  2. Cares enamel with calcium and phosphate.
  3. Protects and cleans with potassium fluoride (1470ppm F-) and 11% xylitol anticaries.

Formulated causing no foam (sls free) and neutral pH in equilibrium with the oral pH.
In two flavors:
YOTUEL all in one wintergreen neutral taste (black box)
YOTUEL all in one snowmint mint flavor (white box).


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