BD Nano Ultra-Fine Penta Point Sterile Pen Needles 4mm x 32G


The New Painless BD NANO™ 4MM PEN NEEDLES-thin wall

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The New Painless Thin Wall  BD Nano Ultra-Fine Penta Point Sterile Pen Needles

Insulin is meant to be injected into the fat layer just below the skin for consistent absorption.1
If you inject into a muscle, the insulin can work too quickly, which may lead to low blood sugar.2
The BD Nano™4mm Pen Needle, BD’s shortest pen needle Thin Wall  gets insulin to the fat layer over 99.5% of the time, at all injection sites.3

  • BD’s smallest, thinnest pen needle
  • EasyFlowTM Technology for less effort to inject
  • Thin Wall TM Comfort for a smoother, gentler injection experience
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